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Announcing a new network in Ireland

The Irish branch of the teaching group of the European Association for Communication in Healthcare: Irish EACH

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The European Association for Communication in Healthcare (EACH) is a global organisation whose mission is to promote healthcare communication between patients, relatives and healthcare practitioners that is effective, patient-centred and evidence-based.

Ample evidence demonstrates that effective communication is essential to high quality clinical practice and leads to:

  • Individualised care that respects patient autonomy
  • Safer and more effective healthcare
  • Improved disease outcomes
  • More satisfied and autonomous patients
  • More efficient services
  • More cost effective care
Evidence also demonstrates that more effective healthcare communication:

  • Can be taught to every health care provider
  • Can be implemented in daily practice

EACH members significantly contribute to the body of evidence and best practices for teaching and implementing effective communication in healthcare. EACH and its members can provide high-quality advice on improving communication in the workplace, country or sphere of influence. Check out the website for more information and also for free access to over 150 resources to help you with teaching and assessment of communication skills. Please join up so that EACH can become an influencer worldwide.

Irish EACH

In February 2015, the Irish branch of the organisation was launched at the 8th Annual Scientific Meeting held at the University of Limerick. The launch was organised by Dr Veronica Lambert, Dublin City University and Dr Eva Doherty, Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland who are the EACH national representatives for Ireland. A workshop on teaching communication skills to health professionals was convened by Johnathan Silverman, President of EACH and co-author of the Calgary-Cambridge framework of communication skills in medicine. Jonathan also gave a Keynote address at the INMED meeting.

The new Irish EACH branch has 70 individuals already registered in the network and in March 2016, we held our first event. Dr Paul Kinnersley , University of Cardiff came over to convene a two day workshop on ‘What to Teach’. RCSI were the hosts and 16 tutors attended from medicine, physiotherapy and nursing. Many parts of Ireland and colleges were represented from Galway to Dublin to Donegal.

A general meeting will take place on September 15th 2016 in University College Dublin to plan for future events. Dr Eva Doherty will present a short talk on ‘The Assessment of Communication Skills: Evidence from the Literature re the Reliability and Validity of Scoring Methodologies’.

If you are interested in attending and/or getting involved, please email Eva Doherty at