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Research in Medical Education (RIME) Awards

2019 Medical Council – INMED Research in Medical Education (RIME) Awards


The development of medical education research in Ireland is a shared objective of the Medical Council and INMED. Research and scholarly activity in medical education in Ireland have been constrained by a lack of funding to support research of significant size or scope. The HRB-Medical Education Research Grant award, jointly funded by the Medical Council and HSE-MET in 2014 addressed this deficit at the level of large scale research.  Since 2015, the Medical Council and INMED have jointly funded three smaller-scale awards of €6000 each covering the continuum of medical education. These awards will be made again in 2019.


The grants are intended to support building medical educational research capacity in the Ireland, whilst answering questions of national and international importance and contributing to the to the knowledge-base for medical education and training in Ireland and the development of Medical Council policy. 


Application is open to Principal Investigators from the Republic of Ireland only. However, the opportunity for application to link within and across jurisdictions is recognised and welcomed.

There will be one award of €6000 for projects linked to each of the following phases of training

  • Undergraduate Medical Education
  • Postgraduate Medical Education and Training
  • Life Long Learning / Continuous Professional Development

To guide applicants, a number of indicative themes have also been included which reflect the policy needs of the Medical Council.

  • Teaching, Learning and Assessing Professionalism
  • Professional Identity Formation
  • Inter-professional Learning
  • Workplace Learning and Culture
  • Resilience and well- being in students and the workforce
  • Transitions in medical education

Applications which focus on an area outside of the thematic areas outlined above will be considered eligible where the applicant presents a compelling and justifiable case for how the project possesses strong potential to impact on policy and/or practice in medical education and training in Ireland.

The Medical Council- INMED Research in Medical Education awards will not fund;

  • Literature reviews, curriculum developments, service evaluation, audits, surveys, need assessments or technology development (although these elements may be part of an integrated research study).
  • Implementation of an intervention without a predominant research element.


The award will be up to a maximum total value of €6,000 for a project of a maximum of 12 months. This is a no overheads award.

Application process

Applications for the Research in Medical Education (RIME) grant programme 2019 have now closed. The application process for 2020 will reopen in late Summer 2019.


September 24th 2018                                       Grant Call opens

November 23rd 2018                                       Deadline for submission of applications (5pm)

February 7/8th 2019                                         Announcement of awards at INMED2019 ASM

August 1st 2019                                                 Submission of first paper-based progress report

February 2020                                                   Progress project presentation at INMED2020 ASM

July 1st 2020                                                     Submission of final report with ongoing updates to INMED re outputs  from funded work

February 2021                                                   Final Project presentation at INMED2021 ASM (to include  information about other outputs from project)

Application Process

Applications for the Research in Medical Education (RIME) grant programme 2019 have now closed. The application process for 2020 will reopen in late Summer 2019.

Download Guide to RIME Applications 2019 here

Application review process and assessment criteria

Applications will be subject to review by a panel of international medical education experts. Members of the panel will be selected based on their expertise and experience in the field of medical education and training research, and reflecting the research areas, concepts and methods outlined in the submitted proposals. Conflict of interest rules will be applied rigorously. International peer reviewers will not provide comments or scores on any application on which they have a conflict of interest.

Applications will be assessed against the following criteria

  1. Evidence that the proposal is linked directly with Medical Council education and professional development priorities.
  2. Clarity of the aims and objectives of the proposed research
  3. Coherence between research objectives, methodology, and expected outcomes or benefits.
  4. Demonstrable benefits for undergraduate students, doctors in training or doctors engaged in continuing education.
  5. Evaluation of process as well as outcome(s) (i.e. why it worked as well as “it worked”)
  6. Evidence of appropriate and robust research governance.
  7. Evidence that the proposal is for research purposes and the generation of new knowledge in a particular field.

Please refer to Supporting Resources at the bottom of this page for further help in completing your RIME application.