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About Us

The Irish Network of Medical Educators, (INMED) was founded in 2008 with the aim of enhancing medical education on the island of Ireland by bringing together individuals and organisations with an interest in, and responsibilities for, medical and healthcare education. The organisation began as a collaboration between the seven undergraduate medical schools on the island of Ireland. It has since developed into a de facto collaboration between postgraduate colleges and undergraduate schools. There are also an increasing number of participants in INMED who come from a variety of health professions other than medicine.

INMED is a voluntary organisation dedicated to improving the quality of health professions education on the island of Ireland through the promotion of faculty development, excellence in teaching and research. The organisation has a board which was established based on representation from each of the founding institutions in 2008. The INMED executive was established in 2012 to deliver the strategic goals of the INMED board. The INMED board meets once a year to review the activities of the executive at the AGM. The INMED executive meets bimonthly. The INMED board and executive are constituted in accordance with the INMED constitution.

INMED’s mission statement:
“The Network seeks to enhance medical education on the island of Ireland by bringing together individuals and organisations with an interest in and responsibilities in medical and healthcare education in a National Medical Education Network.”

Full INMED AGM agendas, annual reports and our financial reports are fully accessible from here.

INMED Services

  • An annual scientific meeting over 2.5 days. The ASM includes a full preconference day of teacher development and educational research workshops. The conference proper normally attracts 200+ delegates per annum.
  • Two faculty development symposia per annum, allowing focused attention to particular topics in health professions education/research. These are situated in host institutions and attract between 30 and 80 delegates each time
  • A regular electronic mailchimp newsletter which is sent to all of the current INMED mailing list. The electronic newsletter provides details of INMED and other health professions education research and faculty development opportunities; health professions education career opportunities and details of INMED’s travel and research grant calls.
  • Research and travel grant bursaries; Research grants in collaboration with the Medical Council of Ireland.
  • A dedicated INMED website with the potential to support the running of conferences, symposia, grant applications, as well as provide resource areas for members
  • A nexus and meeting point for anyone interested in new educational developments and educational research in the health professions on the island of Ireland.