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Development Groups

Research Development Group

The research development group will focus on expanding and administering the INMED suite of research and travel grants; it will promote inter-institutional and international research collaboration; it will facilitate the provision of educational research training, (online and via dedicated events) and to liaise with other educational research funders such as the HRB, ASME, AMEE etc.

Educational Development Group

The educational development group will establish interinstitutional collaborations that support faculty development opportunities for members including symposia, web seminars; an educational resources webpage on the INMED website; a database of postgraduate health professional education programs. The INMED ASM will continue to be jointly hosted between INMED and academic institutions on a rotational basis. We will continue to establish an ASM/scientific committee each year to oversee the ASM.

Finance Development Group

The finance development group will be responsible for overseeing the income generation and expenditure activities of INMED. The finance committee will produce and sign off on an annual financial report. The finance committee will explore new avenues for revenue generation and will report them to the INMED executive for consideration and action. Members of the finance committee will be expected to actively pursue appropriate sponsorship and support arrangements for INMED as well as explore means and methods of reducing costs. The finance committee will also be responsible for the oversight of any contracts of employment or of services issued by INMED , for example the INMED administrator

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