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INMED Educational Research Grant Scheme 2019 – 2020

The Irish Network of Medical Educators, (INMED) was established in 2008 to provide a forum for collaboration between centres of health professional education and to promote health professional educational research. We would like to invite applications for a small educational research grant from healthcare educators of all disciplines and from undergraduate students. The maximum award per individual or project under the scheme will be €1,500 or equivalent (bids for smaller amounts of funding will of course be considered). As the purpose of these small research grants is to support research and innovation in healthcare education, only grants that meet the grant criteria will be accepted


Criteria for INMED Small Research Grants

  • The application must relate to a planned health professional educational research or innovation study
  • The study must be feasible within a 12 month period
  • Successful applicants will be required to present the outcomes of their research project as an oral presentation during the INMED2020 ASM which will take place in February 2020. (Please note that registration, travel and accommodation for the ASM are NOT covered by this award)
  • The funding is sought is to pay for costs that otherwise prevent good research happening such as research-related travel, transcription costs, printing of survey materials, paying for statistical advice, support from a research assistant   The research funding cannot be used towards continuing education courses/fees e.g. PGDip, MSc/PhD fees
  • The research grants scheme cannot be used to support attendance at conferences – this is the function of the travel grant scheme

Application Process

Download INMED Education Research Grant application form here

Application Guidelines

  • Applications should be submitted using the INMED research grants application form downloadable on the INMED website
  • Applications should clearly indicate who the lead applicant is with e-mail and mobile phone number contact details. The names and affiliations of all applicants should be included.
  • Applications should follow the application template i.e. Background and rationale for the project, Description of project including research question, justification for methodology and projected outcomes, plans for ethical approval, Research timescale: ideally to start in early to mid-2019 and data collection to finish within 6 months allowing sufficient time for write up and presentation at INMED2020, Justification of funding required

Please refer to supporting application documents at the bottom of this page for help on completing your application.

Applications for the Education Research grant programme 2019 have now closed. The application process for 2020 will reopen in late Summer 2019.

INMED Travel Grant Scheme 2019 – 2020

The Irish network of medical educators, (INMED), was established in 2008 to promote health professional education and research.  As part of the INMED mission to support and promote health professions education research, we are pleased to announce the establishment of the INMED educational travel grant scheme.  Applicants may apply for grants of up to €1000, (or equivalent) to support travel and or registration costs associated with healthcare education conferences, (excluding INMED events), healthcare education training /faculty development events or visits to host institutions for the purposes of furthering educational research collaboration.

Whilst the value of the award is up to a maximum of €1000, bids for smaller amounts of funding will of course be considered.  The award will include free registration for the successful applicant to the NMED2020 ASM to present an overview of his/her travel grant experience.  Up to two awards are available annually.


Criteria For INMED Travel Grant 2019 – 2020

  • Applicants are invited to describe how they are actively involved in delivering and/or co-ordinating health professional education
  • The proposed travel plan must be demonstrated to be suitable, relevant & appropriate to the applicant’s role in health care education
  • Applicants must make it clear how the proposed experience/learning will benefit their personal/professional development
  • Applicants must demonstrate how the applicant will disseminate their new learning to local colleagues in health care education & the wider community involved in (health professional) education
  • Successful applicants will be required to produce a 2,000 word report on the experience to be placed on the INMED website within 2 months of end of the placement and in addition will be expected to provide a 15 minute oral presentation detailing what they have learned at the INMED2020 ASM which will be held in February 2020.

Application Process

Download INMED Travel Grant Application Form 2019 here

Application Guidelines
A justification for the proposed travel, conference attendance, course attendance, institutional placement – Max 500 words using the application form provided

  1. The applicant’s CV
  2. A budget indicating how the travel grant will be spent

Please refer to supporting application documents at the bottom of this page for help on completing your application.

Applications for the Travel Grant programme 2019 have now closed. The application process for 2020 will reopen in late Summer 2019.