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Organisational Structure

The INMED organisational structure can be characterised as follows:

  1. The INMED Board and the INMED membership assemble once a year at the AGM to review the work of the INMED executive issues and to contribute to developing the INMED strategy. The role of the board and the membership is illustrated as the core diamond in the diagram below.
  2. INMED Board members act as advocates for INMED within their own institutions
  3. The INMED Executive carries out all of the administrative, strategic and operational functions of INMED and constitutes 50% of the organisational team for each annual scientific meeting, thus providing continuity between each ASM.
  4. Each year, a host institution assembles an organisational team to plan and deliver the ASM. Whilst a vital part of the INMED structure for the year, the ASM host committee remains a separate part of the INMED structure as illustrated in the diagram below.

Proposed Governance Structure

As it grows, INMED is committed to establishing a formal membership scheme and with it changing the relationship between the membership, the board and the executive so that the board and executive are answerable to the membership. The proposed structure for the governance of INMED once the formal membership scheme is established places the membership at the top of the organisation with the board and executive serving the needs of the membership. We also propose the establishment of development groups in the areas of faculty development, educational research and financial development. The future relationship between the various parts of INMED is illustrated as follows: