INMED is committed to establishing itself as a membership organisation. At present, anyone who attends the ASM is a de-facto member of INMED for one year. This leads to a fluctuating membership and uncertainty regarding communication and participation.

Please note that the INMED Membership Programme is under review. Membership is currently not required to attend INMED events and conferences.

It is intended that when launched there will be three categories of membership:

Key Benefits

  • Access to members areas on website (eg education and research resources pages with resources developed by INMED affiliated institutions and members)
  • Access to research grants and research/travel bursaries (INMED grounds will be limited to members only once the former membership scheme has been established)
  • Regular mailchimp newsletter and newsflash updates on educational and research opportunities in Ireland and abroad
  • 25% reduction in ASM fees and 50% reduction in INMED symposia fees
  • Access to INMED Special Interest Groups (eg in simulation group; assessment group; research methodology group etc.)
  • Cut-price access to ‘The Clinical Teacher’ journal published by our sister organisation, ASME.
  • Access to INMED webinars x 3-4/year e.g. international speaker on a research method, invite members with recent publications