‘Working and Learning – the clinical apprenticeship model in postgraduate education revisited’.

We proudly announce the INMED Symposium on Clinical Teaching, which will revisit how clinical practice and service provision can be aligned most effectively with learning. In doing so, we will discuss how educational tools can be used to support learning.  The conference will take place on September 30th in Temple Street Hospital, Dublin.

An Event Not To Be Missed

  • Our expert speaker for the symposium is Dr Pim Teunissen, Maastricht University, The Netherlands
  • The symposium will offer a presentation that depicts the current state of affairs in medical education at the workplace; What’s new? What works? What doesn’t?
  • Subsequently, in an interactive session, we will explore your reality of being a clinical educator in the various workplaces that you inhabit.

It is our intention that you leave this symposium with a much clearer perspective on clinical apprenticeship and postgraduate training as well as a handy set of new ideas that you can use to enhance your clinical training and your teaching/supervision.

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