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The Special Interest Group in Interprofessional Education

The Special Interest Group in Interprofessional Education will promote and support interprofessional learning and practice, by providing a platform to share ideas, resources and expertise in interprofessional eductation, and promoting cross-institutional research.


August 18th, 2020 1100-1230

The Interprofessional Education Special Interest Group are delighted to announce our inaugural, online CPD event. This event will focus on supporting educators to facilitate online delivery of interprofessional education and practice-based interprofessional education.

SPEAKERS Dr Margo Brewer Discipline Lead, Speech Pathology, Curtin University, Perth  & Dr Sherryn Evans Faculty Interprofessional Education Co-ordinator, Deakin University, Melbourne

Click here to register for IPE Webinar on August 18th 2020


Key IPE Resources

World Health Organisation Framework for Action on Interprofessional Education and Collaborative Practice (2010)

Centre for the Advancement of Interprofessional Education (2017) Interprofessional Education Guidelines

Executive Summary Educators of Healthcare Professionals: Shared Values and Activities Study (HEVAS) (2019)

Key Strategies for First-Time Interprofessional Teachers and Those Developing New Interprofessional Education Programs (McKinlay et al 2018)

A BEME systematic review of the effects of interprofessional education: BEME Guide No. 39 (Reeves et al 2016)

Twelve tips for structuring student placements to achieve interprofessional learning outcomes (Nisbet et al 2016)

Centre for the Advancement of Interprofessional Education


IPE Publications from INHED Members

O’Leary N and Boland P (2020) Organization and system theories in interprofessional research: a scoping review. J Interprof Care 34(1), 11-19

O’Leary N, Salmon N, Clifford A, O’Donoghue M, Reeves S (2019) ‘Bumping along’: a qualitative metasynthesis of challenges to interprofessional placements. Med Educ 53(9), 903-915

Guinan E.M., Barrett E.M., Neil F., Grimes, T., Sullivan, D., O’Sullivan M., Patterson A., Stapleton T., Walsh I., Walsh J.J., Conlon K.C (2018).  Attitudes to Interprofessional Education Among Health Science Students Engaging in a Multidisciplinary Workshop Series. International Journal of Health Science Education. 2(1)

O’Leary N, Salmon N, Clifford A.M. (2020) The contribution of theory to an ethnographic case study on interprofessional placements in healtcare education. International Journal of Social REsearch Methodology.

Sinclair D., Savage E., O’Brien M., O’Reilly A., Mullaney C., Killeen M., O’Reilly O., Field C.A., Fitzpatrick P., Murrin C., Connolly D., Patterson A., Denieffe S., Elmusharaf K., Hickey A., Mellon L., Michelle F., Sweeney M.R. (2019) Developing a national undergraduate standardized curriculum for future healthcare professionals on “Making Every Contact Count” for chronic disease prevention in the Republic of Ireland. Journal of Interprofessional Education. DOI: 10.1080/13561820.2019.1684884.


INHED 2020 IPE Presentations

There were a number of presentations at INHED 2020 relating to interprofessional education across a broad spectrum of classroom and practice settings. The link to assess the INHED 2020 book of abstracts to read more can be found here.