Medicine and Compassion Retreat

 June 17th- 21st, 2020
Gomde U.K.,  Doncaster, England


A Special Invitation to Members of INHED

One of the star performers at the 2019 INMED conference was Doctor David Shlim who spoke about the topic of compassion in medicine. Those who heard him speak and particularly those who attended his compassion workshop at the conference were very moved by his ideas, perspectives and insights. David has created some Medicine and Compassion Retreats that offer a more extensive exposure to understanding the basis of compassion, and how the capacity for compassion can be expanded, and what the benefits to patients can be.  Compassion that is more stable, vast, and effortless can help prevent burnout and compassion fatigue.  These retreats have been offered in David’s hometown of Jackson Hole, Wyoming for the past three years, but this year there will be one in England, June 17th to 21st  2020, at a retreat center in the middle of a nature preserve near Doncaster.

The retreat runs from a Wednesday evening to Sunday noon, and will be taught by David and a wonderful Tibetan lama named Lama Oser.  The cost ranges from £650 to £800 and includes lodging and food during the retreat.  Details about the retreat are available at

This is a unique opportunity to discuss the philosophical basis of compassion, along with the nature of suffering and the causes of suffering.  We will also teach ways that meditation can be used to enhance compassion.  Although the seminar is called a retreat, the schedule is casual, with daily lectures interspersed with time for walking and practicing what is being taught.  One of the real benefits of the retreat is to be able to spend time with like-minded people who are also focused on the benefits of compassion.

This retreat is limited to about 30 people, so if you are interested, please write to to David at and let him know if you have any questions, or whether you wish to sign up.

David R Shlim MD
Jackson Hole, Wyoming
Co-author of Medicine and Compassion