INMED are pleased to announce details of our 2016 Annual Scientific Meeting (ASM) which will be held at the Hilton Hotel, Belfast on 5th and 6th July 2016. The conference is being dovetailed with the 2016 ASME conference which will be held at an adjacent venue from 6th to 8th July. We would like to encourage INMED participants to consider also attending some or all of the ASME conference. Please find a link to the ASME conference programme here.

Given its juxtaposition with the ASME conference, the INMED ASM programme is a little different to last year. We start with the full day of activities on Tuesday 5th July and we end the conference on the morning of 6th July with a series of extended workshops. As you will see from the conference programme we are doing a number of new things this year that we hope will make the conference more inclusive for new educators and students, as well as established researchers and faculty developers.

The theme of this year’s conference addresses the important issue of how insights from educational research do (and more often don’t) convert into changes in educational practice. Both keynotes are devoted to this topic with the second one in particular highlighting important research findings that should be part of all of our undergraduate and postgraduate curriculums. We do hope that you will take time out to come to our conference.